Equity, Good Jobs, and Climate Resiliency

The Repower LA Coalition formed in 2011 in response to two major challenges: double digit unemployment in many of LA’s neighborhoods, worsened by the Great Recession, and our city’s unsustainable reliance on dirty energy. For example, every year, Los Angeles generates 99.1 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

That’s why the coalition began by advocating for increased investment in energy efficiency programs that would save customers money on their bills, create good, career path jobs and help the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP), the nation’s largest municipally-owned utility, move toward cleaner energy.  Los Angeles is on track to reduce energy use 15% by 2020 and by 442 GWh by the end of this year (the equivalent of taking over 64,000 cars off the road).  That’s enough energy to power 400,000 homes. Thanks to our coalition’s advocacy, the Department has now helped upgrade 20,000 homes, small businesses and schools throughout the city.  Now, the coalition is also working to expand access to solar power.

A cornerstone of RePower LA’s work is its support for the Utility Pre-Craft Trainee program, which was developed by IBEW Local 18 in partnership with the DWP.  The program has opened up quality career path opportunities at both the DWP and the City for entry level workers across Los Angeles.  It is also training future utility workers, against the backdrop of massive waves of planned retirement by DWP’s existing workforce.

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Programs & Initiatives We Advocated For


In 2014 the LADWP set a goal for 15% energy efficiency by 2020. This goal exceeds the California state requirement for utilities to cut energy use by 10%, and will help our utility reduce energy consumption while increasing energy savings for ratepayers.

  • Equity Metrics


The Equity Metrics Data Initiative (EMDI) tracks and publicly releases information about how well LADWP is serving customers across the city, giving us a way to track how efficiently resources are being distributed.

  • Home Energy Improvement Homepage Icon


LADWP provides free energy efficiency upgrades to ratepayers. This can include installation of energy efficient light bulbs, water-saving toilets, attic insulation, and more.


Customers in key underserved areas receive fixed payments in exchange for leasing their roofs for UPCTs to install solar panels. This program is available to all customers plugged into the power grid.

  • UPCT


The Utility Pre-Craft Trainee (UPCT) program was developed by IBEW Local 18 in partnership with LADWP. The program trains apprentices for good paying career path opportunities at LADWP for entry-level workers.